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Theater Direction + Choreography

"....Sensationally well choreographed"

-RC Reader, for Young Frankenstein

Rebecca creates choreography for musicals-movement that is purposeful, authentic to story and character, and often steeped in historical research and accuracy. Her choreographic lens-"who are these people, and why do they move?" serves to create musical theater dance to aid, not hinder, storytelling advancement. 

As a director, Rebecca leads teams with precision, grace, and a wholistic approach; considering all technical aspects while building the final product. 

Rebecca has a BA in Technical Theater and English and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from the State of New York. 


Rebecca is a proud SDC Associate.

Mamma Mia!




NY Theatre Barn Choreography Lab


Escape to Margaritaville




Press and Reviews 

For Young Frankenstein:

"(Inga) is introduced to us through a ridiculously funny, cleverly staged hayride sequence..."

...."the show's ensemble breaks out into a full fledged, sensationally well choreographed tap dance"

-Roger Pavey Jr, RC Reader

For R+H Cinderella (Clinton Showboat): 

"...a gem top to bottom....simple but effective choreography...finds a way to make an intimate stage feel like a sprawling ballroom."

-Alexander Richardson, RC Reader 

For You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown:

"Rebecca Frazier's impeccable direction holds it all together and keeps us alert and involved from beginning to end...

The company of players at the Theater Barn are all young and fresh and accomplished enough to create, sustain and present these classic characters with verve and style. For nearly two hours they frolic, charm and give us Charles Schultz wise comprehension of what kids are and how they present themselves to the world. They are each as distinctive as their characters...

If I could I'd go see it again."

-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

For You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown: 

"I appreciate that they appeal to all audiences, and this show does, too: Both adults and children can find something to enjoy in this production. 

Sometimes it’s nice to go to a show and simply be entertained, and the Theater Barn’s staging of “… Charlie Brown” does just that. Accessible to people from all walks of life, this is a pleasant evening of laughs and smiles."

~Emily  Edelman, Berkshire on Stage Blog 

For Lucky Stiff:

"As danced, or at least artfully moved to music,

the cast handles Rebecca Frazier’s work well.

She helps keep the show fluid and entrancing."

-J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Edge


Awards and Nominations

Berkshire Theater Award Nominee- 2021 Outstanding Musical:
You're a Good Man, Charie Brown

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