Rebecca Frazier is a New York City based Director, Choreographer, and Teacher.

She is the choreographer for recording artist JR Price's debut music video Body Positive, and will choreograph its follow up Daydream, in 2021.

Rebecca was the choreographer for the short film Dream No. 37, 091, which won Best Experimental Short Film at the American Filmatic Arts Awards in 2020. It was a semifinalist at the New York Cinematography Awards, was showcased at the Wavestock Film Festival, and screened at the New York Short Film Tuesdays. In October 2020, it will be screened at the Long Island International Film Expo. Check it out online at

Rebecca was a featured Choreographer at the October 2019 New York Theater Barn Choreography Lab. She choreographed for the new musical Boleyn, which is currently in development in New York City

Rebecca has presented new works at 

Dixon Place, Nachmo, NachmoX, New York City Choreographers Forum, and Fertile Ground. In May 2020 she created a commissioned dance film for the Dixon Place Dance Quarantine series, called If Louis Was Right.


Upcoming projects include choreographing Once Upon a Mattress at the Landmark Theatre, Long Island and directing and staging dogfight and choreographing Urinetown at the Theater Barn, New Lebanon, NY.

These projects are currently postponed under the New York Pause of 2020.

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