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Dream No. 37, 091

Music: Carly Rae jepsen

Director: Jon Reitzel

Choreo: Rebecca Frazier

Dancers: Alex Domini, Gerard Lanzerotti, Steven Etienne, Alina Murphy

Body Positive 

Music: JR Price

Choreo: Rebecca Frazier

DP: Catalin Media

If Louis Was Right...

Music: Billy Joel

Choreo, Film, Editing, Dancer: Rebecca Frazier

Commissioned by Dixon Place, NYC, during the NY on Pause Quarantine 2020

Sweet Dreams

Music: Kim Petras

Choreo: Rebecca Frazier

Dancer: Kate Biernat

Film: Jacob Hiss

Editing: Rebecca Frazier

For Lucky Stiff:

"As danced, or at least artfully moved to music, the cast handles Rebecca Frazier’s work well. She helps keep the show fluid and entrancing."

-J. Peter Bergman The Berkshire Edge